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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaRoman bridge of Ávila.Plan-description of the Roman bridge of Ávila.Top of the Roman bridge of Ávila.The Roman bridge of Ávila (in Spanish: Puente Romano de Ávila) is a bridge located in the city of Ávila, in Castile and León, Spain. Portion of the bridge are Roman,[1] located on the Adaja River, opposite the Puerta de San Segundo City Gate. The city provide of this bridge on the Adaja River, which connected the Western's porta decumana with the bank.The piers with starling are Romans built in early-1st century D.C., the rest of the bridge is Romanesque (11th and 13th centuries).Description[edit]It consists of five arches and four piers with starling, bow of boat shaped projection against the rising of the stream, Roman style, projecting spurs in the piers to contrary side to the sterling, preserving the west side abutment. The top of the bridge (road) is horizontal in the eastern half presenting the other half falling to west. The arches start from different height reaching its top at the same elevation, except the more amplitude, entirely remade, it appears lower.Apparently the bridge was disabled, on an unspecified date, totally destroying the biggest arch and cut the rest, tears still clearly visible today. In this sense the more possible was that the disablement of the bridge had taken place in the same period of the Arab invasion to 711, it is also possible that the semidestruction of the bridge would have happened at any time of the Reconquista when, coming the swollen river , any Arab or Christian army would have believed necessary to get rid of their pursuers or cut off their retreat.At the time of the Ávila's repopulation (11th century) on the granite Roman pillars, it was rebuild the bridge with sandstone from La Colilla, widely used in the Romanesque churches in Ávila, but little resistance to wear this stone it should require, to the 13th century a new repair was made, whose remains are probably the granitic rocks of the upper topped with a rounded parapet to the Santi Espiritu and Romanillos bridges's style, built on the Chico River.References[edit]Jump up ^ "Academic reports: Roman bridge on the Adaja River in Ávila" (pdf file). author: Antonio Blanco Freijeiro. cervantesvirtual.comPortalsAccess related topicsiconBridges portalAncient Rome portalSpain portalFind out more on Wikipedia'sSister projectsMediafrom Commons[hide] v t eRoman bridgesEnglandChesters Bridge Piercebridge Roman Bridge Pons AeliusAlcántara Bridge in SpainFrancePont Ambroix Pont de Bornègre Pont Flavien Pont du Gard Pont Julien Pont sur la Laye Pont des Marchands Pont Serme Roman Bridge (Saint-Thibéry) Roman Bridge (Vaison-la-Romaine)GermanyCaesar's Rhine bridges Roman Bridge (Trier)IranBand-e KaisarItalyPons Aemilius Pons Agrippae Ponte Altinate Pons Cestius Pons Fabricius Pons Neronianus Pons Probi Pons Sublicius Pont d'Aël Pont de Pierre (Aosta) Pont-Saint-Martin Ponte d'Augusto (Narni) Ponte di Tiberio (Rimini) Ponte Corvo Ponte del Gran Caso Ponte Milvio Ponte Molino (Padua) Ponte Nomentano Ponte Pietra (Verona) Ponte di Pioraco Ponte di Quintodecimo Ponte Salario Ponte San Lorenzo Ponte Sant'Angelo Susegana BridgeLebanonLeontes BridgePortugalPonte de Rubiães Ponte Nova da Cava da Velha Roman Bridge (Chaves)RomaniaConstantine's Bridge (Danube) Trajan's BridgeSpainAcueducto de los Milagros, Mérida Albarregas bridge, Mérida Alcántara's bridge Ávila's bridge Puente de Alcántara, Toledo Garrovillas de Alconétar's bridge Córdoba's bridge Aqüeducte de les Ferreres, Tarragona Mérida's bridge Salamanca's bridge Segovia's aqueduct Talamanca de Jarama's bridgeSyriaBridge at Nimreh Gemarrin Bridge Kharaba BridgeTurkeyAesepus Bridge Arapsu Bridge Bridge at Oinoanda Constantine's Bridge (Mysia) Eurymedon Bridge (Aspendos) Eurymedon Bridge (Selge) Karamagara Bridge Kemer Bridge Limyra Bridge Misis Bridge Macestus Bridge Nysa Bridge Penkalas Bridge Pergamon Bridge Sangarius Bridge Severan Bridge Taşköprü (Adana) Valens Aqueduct Bridge White Bridge (Mysia)Full list of Roman bridgesCoordinates: 40.6572°N 4.7088°W

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