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Punic Wars

The wealth and influence of Carthage was not minded by Rome at first. However, as the Roman Empire gained in territory and influence the two started to come into conflict and eventually the Punic Wars were set off which resulted in the final collapse of the Phoenician culture.

First Punic War

This series of events was set into motion when Rome annexed some of the Phoenician colonies on Sicily and the mercenaries of Carthage responded. They lost in what became known as the First Punic War. This forced Carthage to begin paying a series of debts to Rome that would drain the coffers of Carthage while also allowing Rome to acquire more territories and strength.

Second Punic War

The loss of the First Punic War led directly to the general Hannibal Barca invading Roman territory during the Second Punic War. The loss of this war spelled the end for the Phoenician culture as they were unable to acquire enough resources in the Second Punic War to really finish the fight.

Third Punic War

The Third Punic War should be renamed the Siege of Carthage because it saw the complete and utter decimation of the city of Carthage, much like that of Tyre before. With the destruction of this great city the Phoenician culture was scattered among the remaining small settlements that existed around the Mediterranean.


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