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The province of Crete and Cyrenaica (Provincia Creta et Cyrenaica) was a major province of the Roman Empire that was established in 20 BC. The province was composed of the island of the Crete and the polity of Cyrenaica. Prior to the establishment of this province in 71 BC the Roman commander Marcus Antonius Creticus attacked Crete but was ultimately unsuccessful.

Following this Quintus Caecilius Metellus was sent with three Roman legions and after three years managed to capture the island in 69 BC. The Pre-Roman city of Gortyn was established as the new provincial capital. For this victory Quintus Caecilius Metellus earned the agnomen "Creticus". Presently there is not much evidence of massive structural damage due to the Roman invasion. Only a single palatial house complex appears to have been razed according to archaeologists.

Kitos War

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During the Kitos War between AD 115 and AD 117 was very destructive for this province and during this time it is believed that 220,000 Cyrenean Greeks were slaughtered.


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