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Pannonia Superior, lit. Upper Pannonia, was an ancient Roman province with the capital in Carnuntum. It was formed in the year 103 AD. The province included parts of present-day Hungary, Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Slovakia.Contents [hide]1History2Cities3Later usage4See also5External linksHistory[edit]It was as governor of the province that Septimius Severus made his bid for the Roman Imperial throne in April 193 CE.In 308 the Emperor Diocletian chaired a historic meeting with his co-emperors Maximian and Galerius in Carnuntum to solve the rising tensions within the tetrarchyCities[edit]Some of the important cities in Upper Pannonia were:Siscia (today Sisak)Poetovio (today Ptuj)Iovia Botivo (today Ludbreg)Aquae Balissae (today Daruvar)Servitium/Serbinum (today Gradiška)Andautonia (today Ščitarjevo)Savaria (today Szombathely)Scarbantia (today Sopron)Arrabona (today Győr)Vindobona (today Vienna)Later usage[edit]The northern part of the 8th-century Frankish March of Pannonia was also called Upper Pannonia. The name can be found even much later in a similar, but wider, meaning. E.g. Otto von Freising (Chron. 6, 15) uses it to refer to Austria (i.e. Austria proper) in the 12th century.

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