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Etruscan Sculptures

Etruscan sculpture heavily influenced Roman sculpture and was mostly based around the motif of animals and portraits. The Romans would later become famous for the portrait sculptures which depicted many types of people. Etruscans were known famous for their metallurgy and metalwork which they applied to create brilliant bronze sculptures such as the Capitoline Wolf.

Capitoline Wolf

The Capitoline Wolf sculpture is significant because it shows the major typical style of statue created out of bronze. The statue is based around the legend of Romulus and Remus and the wolf that took them in. The she-wolf suckling the two twins became a symbol of Rome. The motif was repeated on coins, reliefs and much more. This specific statue was kept at the center of the city on Capitoline Hill.

Funerary Sculptures

Another type of sculpture the Etruscans were famous for was the Funerary sculpture which represented people in life after they had passed on. Usually these statues were placed in the Necropolis along with the tombs of the dead. These statues often showed a man and a women side by side and following the mid-4th century BCE/BC it appears the sculptures are portraits of the deceased showing an improvement in artistic technique. A famous example of this is the Reclining Couple on Sarcophagus Lid which was created out of volcanic stone around the 3rd century BCE.

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