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Via Salaria

Route of Via Salaria (in gray).The Via Salaria was an ancient Roman road in Italy.It eventually ran from Rome (from Porta Salaria of the Aurelian Walls) to Castrum Truentinum (Porto d'Ascoli) on the Adriatic coast, a distance of 242 km. The road also passed through Reate (Rieti) and Asculum (Ascoli Piceno). The Via Salaria owes its name to the Latin word for "salt", since it was the route by which the Sabines came to fetch salt from the marshes at the mouth of the Tiber[citation needed], one of many ancient salt roads in Europe. Some historians[who?] consider the Salaria and the trade in salt to have been the origin of the settlement of Rome. Some remains still exist of the mountain sections of the road.Strada statale 4 Via Salaria (SS4) is the modern state highway that mantains the old road's name and runs from Rome to the Adriatic sea.Roman bridges[edit]For an overview of the location of Roman bridges, see List of Roman bridges.There are the remains of several Roman bridges along the road, including the Ponte del Gran Caso, Ponte della Scutella, Ponte d’Arli, Ponte di Quintodecimo, Ponte Romano (Acquasanta), Ponte Salario and Ponte Sambuco.See also[edit]Roman bridgeRoman engineeringCatacomb of PriscillaExternal links[edit]Via Salaria (Platner and Ashby's A Topographical Dictionary of Ancient Rome, London: Oxford University Press, 1929)[hide] v t eRoman Empire – Roman roadsVia Aemilia Via Aemilia Scauri Via Agrippa Via Amerina Via Anicia Via Annia Via Appia Via Aquillia Via Aquitania Via Argentaria Via Asturica Burdigalam Via Augusta Via Augusta Pretoria Via Aurelia Via Bracara Asturicam Via Caecilia Via Campana Via Cassia Via Claudia Augusta Via Claudia Nova Via Clodia Via Confluentana Via Corsica Via Decia Via Delapidata Via Devana Strata Diocletiana Via Domitia Via Domiziana Via Egnatia Via Fenollentis Via Flaminia Via Flavia Via Gallica Via Gemina Via Hadriana Via Heraclea Via Julia Augusta Via Labicana Via Latina Via Laurentina Via Lusitanorum Via Mala Via Maris Via Militaris Via Nomentana Via Ostiensis Via Pontica Via Popilia Via Portuensis Via Praenestina Via Postumia Via Salaria Via Severiana Via Sublacensis Via Traiana Via Traiana Nova Via Valeria Via Vallespiri Via VitelliaCoordinates: 41.900°N 12.483°E

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