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Via Traiana Nova

The Via Traiana Nova (previously known as the Via Regia) was an ancient Roman road built by the emperor Trajan in the province of Arabia Petraea, from Aqaba on the Red Sea to Bostra. It was specifically known as the Via Traiana Nova in order to distinguish it from the Via Traiana in Italy. It is occasionally also referred to simply as the 'Via Nova'[1] or 'Via Nova Traiana'[2] Its construction started shortly after the annexation of Arabia, supervised by governor Gaius Claudius Severus, and completed under Hadrian.[1]Sources[edit]^ Jump up to: a b Browning, Iain (1982:33) Jerash and the Decapolis (London: Chatto & Windus)Jump up ^ Young, Gary K. (2001:119) Rome's Eastern Trade: International commerce and imperial policy, 31 BC - AD 305 (London: Routledge)The Via Maris (purple), King's Highway (red), and other ancient Levantine trade routes, c. 1300 BCE.

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