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Arch of Dolabella

The Arch of Dolabella, ca. 2007The Arch of Dolabella and Silanus (Latin, Arcus Dolabellae et Silani) or Arch of Dolabella is an ancient Roman arch. It was built by senatorial decree in 10 AD by the consuls P. Cornelius Dolabella and C. Junius Silanus.[1]The arch is located on the Caelian Hill, at the north corner of the site of the Castra Peregrina.[2] It spans the modern Via di S. Paolo della Croce, along the line of the ancient Clivus Scauri. Its location indicates that it was a rebuilding of one of the gates of the Servian Walls, though which one is unclear: possibly the Porta Querquetulana (or Querquetularia) or the Porta Caelimontana. Although the latter is considered the more likely original, there is no indication that any important road went out of the city through the Caelimontana.[3]The extension of the Aqua Claudia undertaken during the reign of Nero made use of the Arch of Dolabella for the last section.[4] Its original purpose was probably to support a branch of the Aqua Marcia.[5]Close up viewThe travertine arch was not decorated with sculptural relief.[6]References[edit]Jump up ^ Lawrence Richardson, A New Topographical Dictionary of Ancient Rome (Johns Hopkins University Press, 1992) p. 25.Jump up ^ Samuel Ball Platner, A Topographical Dictionary of Ancient Rome, as completed and revised by Thomas Ashby (Oxford University Press, 1929), p. 38.Jump up ^ Richardson, New Topographical Dictionary, p. 25.Jump up ^ Richardson, New Topographical Dictionary, p. 25.Jump up ^ Platner, Topographical Dictionary, p. 38.Jump up ^ Richardson, New Topographical Dictionary, p. 25.External links[edit]Bill Thayer's photo at LacusCurtiusCoordinates: 41.8856°N 12.4952°E

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