Roman Structures > Arch of Titus at the Circus Maximus

Arch of Titus at the Circus Maximus

Not to be confused with Arch of Titus.The lesser-known Arch of Titus was a triple arch erected by the east end of the Circus Maximus by the Senate in 81 AD, in honour of Titus and his capture of Jerusalem in the First Jewish–Roman War.[1][2] Few traces remain. The inscription (CIL 6.944), quoted by an 8th-century Swiss monk known only as the "Einsiedeln Anonymous", makes it clear that this was Titus' triumphal arch. Sculptural fragments of a military frieze have been attributed to the arch.[3]Coordinates: 41°53′4″N 12°29′18″EReferences[edit]Jump up ^ Steinby, Eva Margareta (ed.), Lexicon Topographicum Urbis Romae, Rome, vol. 1 (1993), p. 108, 274. fig 159Jump up ^ Jonathan Edmondson; Steve Mason; James Rives (19 May 2005). Flavius Josephus and Flavian Rome. OUP Oxford. pp. 101–. ISBN 978-0-19-926212-0.Jump up ^ Eugenio La Rocca (1974). Un frammento dell'arco di Tito al Circo Massimo.

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