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Aqueduct Argentorate

The Roman aqueduct of Strasbourg, or aqueduct Argentorate, was a Roman work bringing water from the Souffel from Kuttolsheim in Kochersberg , until the Roman city of Argentoratum .Summary1History2Plot3Specifications4References5See also5.1Related articles5.2External LinksHistory [ change | modify the code ]The aqueduct was built in the second century by the Legio VIII Augusta , stationed in Strasbourg, on the current large island . The book was a civilian object (serving the antique agglomeration of Strasbourg, then with between 20 000 and 30 000) but mainly military (water supply of the Legion itself).Plot [ edit | edit the code ]The aqueduct, about 28 km, down about 60 vertical meters, corresponding to a slope of about 2 ‰ (2 mm per meter)It was through Kuttolsheim , Fessenheim-le-Bas , Quatzenheim , Hurtigheim and between Dingsheim and Oberhausbergen . There were two branches, one to Kirchheim (which was probably located the house of the legate Argentorate), the other towards the industrial area of Koenigshoffen. At the end of his journey, after a settling tank (located under the current Galeries Lafayette), the aqueduct was divided into four sections, pointing respectively to St. Thomas, the High-Rise, the Street of the Chain, and finally the military camp .The book was bordered by a road for maintenance, surviving the twenty-first century under the name of the Roman road .Specifications [ change | modify the code ]The aqueduct consisted of 8600 terracotta tubes agglomerated by adding broken tile ; all formed a double pipe. Each tube was about 65 centimeters in length to 30 centimeters wide. All tubes were manufactured in the tile of Koenigshoffen .References [ change | modify the code ]↑ a and b Rene Cubaynes, "From Moesia Argentorate (68-90 AD)" on , Legion VIII Augusta (accessed 28 March 2013).↑ a and b Jean Jacques Hatt, Argentorate, Strasbourg, Lyon , Presses Universitaires de Lyon , 1993 , 143 pp. ( ISBN 9782729704711 ), p. 77 .↑ "History of Strasbourg when Strasbourg was Argentorate - The second century: 97-193" on , BS Encyclopedia (Accessed March 28, 2013).See also [ edit | edit the code ]Related articles [ edit | edit the code ]Argentoratum ;Legio VIII Augusta .

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