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Aqueduct of Pena Cortada

The aqueduct of Peña Cortada (in Spanish : Aqueduct of Peña Cortada) is part of a water supply system by 28 km long that runs through the municipalities of Tuéjar , Chelva , Calles , Losa del Obispo and Domeño in province of Valencia , in Spain .Built under the Roman empire , the late first century or early second century, it is considered the third Roman aqueduct in Spain and is the subject of a classification as of of cultural interest since the 3 September 2004 . The aqueduct is accessible to pedestrians after a steep path about 3 km.Summary1Description2References3Bibliography4See alsoDescription [ edit | edit the code ]The beginning of the pipeline is 580 m above sea level , and bring the water to a first aqueduct that had six arches, but there is only one, located at the junction of the river del Agua and the Alcotas. The line then crosses a very well preserved aqueduct, the Cueva del Gato; this comprises two pillars 18 meters high and three arches each measuring 4 m wide and 3 m apart; ran atop a channel 60 cm wide by 40 cm deep with walls 20 cm thick .To cross the line a rocky barrier, builders have dug tunnels eleven 180 cm high by 80 cm wide; these are pierced with large openings used to give light and to allow the evacuation of rubble during the digging of the tunnel. They also made a cut in the rock over a length of 26 m, a height of 18 m and a width of 90 cm, cut that gave its name to this place (Peña Cortada cut means rock). Archaeologists have found remains of pipeline over a length of 11 km .The first mention of this work is in a book by Antonio Josef Cabanilles published in 1797.According to the most likely hypothesis, this aqueduct supplied the city of Liria , then called Edeta, who played a leading role in Roman times . Incidentally, it may also be used to irrigate the fields of Villar and Casinos.Rock cut from a distanceView of the rock cutInside the rock cutLine to the end of the tunnelsAqueduct Peña cortadaReferences [ change | modify the code ]↑ Base BIC of the Spanish Ministry of Culture under the name of Peña Cortada Aqueduct and n ° RI-51-0010211 reference.↑ 1. The captación de agua↑ a and b Cantó & Curiel 1998 , p. 95↑ Cantó & Curiel 1998 , p. 96-97.References [ change | modify the code ]Julián Cantó Perelló and Jorge Curiel Esparza, "Peña Cortada Infraestructura hidráulica" in Actas del Segundo Congreso Nacional de Historia de la Construcción: A Coruña, 22-24 octubre 1998, Reverte, 1998 , P. 93-97Antonio Josef Cabanilles sober Observaciones the historia natural, geografía, agricultura, población y frutos del Reino de Valencia, Madrid, Imprenta Real, 179739 ° 44 '58 "N , 0 ° 58 '05 "WAqueduct of Peña Cortada

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