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Aqueduct in Carhaix-Plouguer

Carhaix-Plouguer (29) Roman aqueduct 03.JPGaqueduct remains ZA of VilleneuvePresentationTypeAqueductMaterialPierreConstructionfirst centuryoriginal destinationRouting watercurrent destinationRuinedheritage statusLogo monument historique Ranked MH ( 1862 )GeographyCountryFlag of France la FranceRegionBritainDepartmentFinistèretownCarhaix-PlouguerAddressStreet-Romain Aqueduct View and modify data on WikidataLocationContact information48 ° 16 '33 "N , 3 ° 32 '21 "WFinistère location on the mapsee the map of Finistère Red pog.svgLocation on the map of Francesee on the map of France Red pog.svgchange - change the code - change Wikidata Documentation of the modelThe Roman aqueduct of Carhaix-Plouguer is a set of two aqueducts Gallo-Roman for supplying the city of Vorgium . 11 km long and 27 km, the aqueduct was fed by numerous springs and streams located southeast of the city.The remains of the aqueduct located street of the Roman Aqueduct in Carhaix are classified under monuments by the 1862 list .Summary1Two aqueducts2remaining items3References4Annexes4.1Bibliography4.2Related articlesTwo aqueducts [ edit | edit the code ]A first aqueduct was built during the second half of the first century, channeling the waters of a distant stream of 11 km; he skirted inequalities relief to follow a regular slope, but it was nevertheless building at the entrance of a Vorgium aqueduct along a kilometer and a high of 14 meters for the water to reach a water tower at the top of the town. This first aqueduct was built partly driven wood connected by iron plates and masonry part .The second aqueduct dating from the late second century, starting from the current common of Paule and Glomel , runs a sinuous 27 km , with an average gradient of 0.27 m per km, to route water at the price of some technical feats as building a long tunnel of 0.9 km (near the locality Kervoagel the Moustoir ) and an aqueduct of the same length and up to 13 meters near the locality Kerampest.Surviving elements [ edit | edit the code ]business area of ​​Villeneuve ( 48 ° 16 '33 "N , 3 ° 32 '21 "W )street of the Roman Aqueduct ( 48 ° 16 '47 "N , 3 ° 34 '06 "W )References [ change | modify the code ]This article is partially or entirely from the article " Vorgium " (see the list of authors ).↑ a and b "Notice No. PA00089858" , basis Merimee , French Ministry of Culture↑ Yves Menez and Stéphane Hingant, "Excavations and discoveries in Britain", Editions Ouest-France, INRAP, 2010 [ ISBN 978-2-7373-5074-0 ]↑↑ aqueduct Card searchable [ edit | edit the code ]References [ change | modify the code ]Robert Bedon (ed.), The aqueducts of Roman Gaul and neighboring regions, Presses Universitaires de Limoges, 1999 786 pp. ( ISBN 978 84 287 2 111 6 , read online ), p. 525-548 .Alain Provost Bernard Leprêtre. Recognition of the route of the Roman aqueduct of Carhaix (Côtes d'Armor - Finistère) . In: Annals of Britain and Western countries. Volume 105, Number 2, 1998. Glance Roman Armorica. P. 43-70.On the other Wikimedia projects:Roman aqueduct in Carhaix-Plouguer , Wikimedia CommonsRelated articles [ edit | edit the code ]VorgiumList of Finistère of historical monumentsList of Roman aqueducts

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