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Aqueducts of Poitiers

underground part of the aqueduct, gutted during the construction of a bridge over the road-Poitiers LigugéRoman aqueducts of Poitiers are a set of three aqueducts serving the ancient city of Poitiers , Lemonum. They drive water sources Lower Fontaine of Cimeau and Fleury.Aqueduct Lower Fontaine [ edit | edit the code ]Construction [ edit | edit the code ]He supplied the ancient city with water from the first century BC. AD . It remains the aerial parts, called arches Parigny at St. Benedict , in a place called the Hermitage. Construction remain three ruined arches, and several batteries, today visible in the grounds of a nursing home. Fragments of the underground parts were unearthed at Fontaine-le-Comte and Liguge .Iconography [ edit | edit the code ]These arcs have marked the imagination of travelers, as they appear in the prints and old views of Poitiers the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Especially you can see the famous view of the Poitiers Headquarters by Coligny in 1569 painted by François Nautré in 1619 , while they are several kilometers away from the board. They were engraved by Claude Chastillon , and they are also shown in the drawings of the collection François Roger de Gaignières ( 1699 ). The aqueduct was then represented by the romantic writers of the nineteenth century (the picturesque Poitou, published by Alphonse Pichot in 1837), and photographed by Alfred Perlat to 1860-1862 (Media Francois Mitterand Poitiers).

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